The People of the Helgram Game

The people of the Courts are divided into three main groups: the Cornelians, i.e. the direct descendents of Great Cornelius;, the Lords and Ladies of Chaos (usually called “Chaosians”, or “Titans” after Cornelius’s wife Titania); and the more populous Demons, the everyday dwellers in the Courts. “Demon”, in this context, is something of a misnomer, however, as “Real humans” in far-away lands, such as Amber and the Golden Circle have equivalent solidity and greater than Shadow-dweller longevity to “Demon” stock.

The Cornelians

As well as Swayvill and Suhuy, whose mother is unknown, Cornelius had four other children with the Lady Titania of Chaos. From these six descend all of those who can be referred to as “Cornelians”. Of these, only Swayvill and Suhuy remain in the Courts to this day.

The order of birth was:

  • Cornelius + mother unknown
    • Swayvill
      • His descendents follow him in the Thelbane line of succession.
    • Suhuy
      • He has voluntarily withdrawn his family line from the Chaos succession.
      • His son, Dworkin, established the House of Amber.
  • Cornelius + Titania
    • Kyessa (daughter, born third, but fifth in precedence): travelled into Shadow, fate unknown
    • Severin (son): missing since being sent to pursue Dworkin Barimen after he stole the Eye of the Serpent.
    • Theodore (son): first High Priest of the Serpent, deceased.
    • Marilla (daughter): travelled into the Abyss, fate unknown.

Cornelians are functionally immortal, usually dying only through illness, accident or enemy action.

Lords and Ladies of Chaos (Chaosians, Titans)

The Lords and Ladies were the inhabitants of the original Rocks drawn together by Cornelius from fragments of other worlds found in the Abyss, as well as those who came into being with the lands which formed in the first fifty years after the Logrus was drawn (roughly the first five rings of worlds around Thelbane). It also refers to their direct descendents, many of whom now have some measure of Cornelian blood to a greater or lesser extent, due to intermarriage with the Major Houses: sufficiently so that they have a reasonable chance of surviving initiation to the Logrus, but not enough to be counted as full Cornelians. Cornelius’ wife Titania was a Lady of Chaos, as were Swayvill’s two Queens, Alberta (deceased) and Mathilda.

The majority of the Minor Houses were founded by the Lords and Ladies. In addition, many remain within the Major Houses as trusted members, and carry the House name.

In earlier times, their life expectancy was between 500 and 750 years. This has now risen to closer to 1,000 years. In addition, several of the female Heads of Minor Houses, who were Ladies of Chaos, were married to Oberon in the past, and it appears that carrying Children of Order has extended their lifespans to become comparable to the Cornelians.


This covers the everyday denizens of the Courts of Chaos (and Amber), as well as those that hale from the worlds of the Black Zone (and Golden Circle). They are “Real” beings, in the sense that they come from the worlds in close proximity to the Poles, and are therefore more influenced by the two Powers, but they are not sufficiently robust to be able to walk the Logrus. Demons born in the Courts are usually more substantial, and longer lived than Black Zone demons. The ancestors of the Courts and House demons were often brought into the Courts as staff, servants, soldiers, slaves, etc, but are now valued members and retainers of many Houses.

Some Lesser Demon Houses have since been established in their own right, albeit usually as clients to one or more of the Major or Minor Houses.

The life expectancy of Lesser Demons is 250-350 years.

Shadow Folk

Shadow Folk refers to anyone born in the worlds that stretch across the multiverse between the Black Zone and the Golden Circle, which were cast between the two when the Pattern was drawn, with the exception of the dwellers from the Dancing Mountains. Life expectancies vary, depending on the natural conditions on their home Shadow.

Some Shadow folk find their way to the Courts and settle there, although to gain status, they usually need to become accepted into one of the Houses.

The Dancers

Rarely seen in Chaos, although they do sometimes visit, the Dancers are beings which live in the worlds of the Great Divide (the Dancing Mountains). Whereas many Chaosians are decent – even expert – shapeshifters, the Dancers are beyond even the very best of them. They also have a method of travelling Shadow, which may be related to their shifting, or may be due to something completely different. Much of the time, their forms are constantly changing, like the worlds they come from, although they are capable of holding a single form when interacting with individuals in the Courts. No-one knows what the life expectancy of the Dancers is.