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History of the House

House Helgram has its origins among the independent duchies of the earliest days of Chaos, before the Courts was Unified by Cornelius and his sons. Initially, it was considered to be a Minor House, ruled by Duke Graham the Elder, a Lord of Chaos. However, when he married Maíread Barimen, daughter of King Swayvill and Queen Alberta, House Helgram was awarded Grand Duchy status as a wedding gift. Since then, it has risen in influence, and its star is currently higher than both House Sawall and House Hendrake.

Graham and Maíread had a long and happy life. Their eldest son, Graham Junior, was born in 2,325ALC, after whom they were blessed with a number of other children, who were all encouraged to bring their particular strengths to the House.

Graham Junior married the beautiful Joan of Hendrake in 3,210ALC  thus cementing by matrimony the close links between the two Houses. However, the coupled only had daughters.

Graham Senior died in 6,976ALC, to be succeeded by Graham Junior. Grand Duchess Maíread outlived him by a consirable amount of time, and helped to organise and boss about guide her eldest son until she passed away in 8,841ALC.

Graham Junior held the House until he was killed during the War Between the Powers, in 14,979ALC. After his death there was a slight hiatus in the succession, with Grand Duchess Joan leading the House through the remainder of the War and the first years of the Occupation. Matters were complicated by the fact that as Graham and Joan only had daughters, the title of Grand Duke passed through their eldest child, Clarissa, to her eldest son, Bleys, and Bleys was part of the occupying force.

Bleys was finally confirmed as Grand Duke of Helgram in 14,984ALC. He soon realised, however, that balancing his duties in Amber and Chaos was proving challenging, so in 14,995ALC he became the first Grand Duke to abdicate, which he did in favour of his eldest surviving son, Ian Cushing-Helgram.

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  • Founded by the Greater Demon Graham Helgram senior, and promoted to Major House status when he married Mairead Swayvill-Barimen.
  • The current Grand Duke is Ian, son of Bleys of Amber.
  • Until the War, House Helgram was led by Grand Duke Graham the Younger, and his wife Joan (a Hendrake), but they only had daughters.
  • Helgram maintains patrilineal succession, but this can be passed through the female line, which is why the current Ducal Line descends from Graham and Joan’s eldest daughter, Clarissa, sometime wife of Oberon.
  • Oberon and Clarissa’s divorce was not amicable, and Clarissa ignored her ex-husband’s instructions not to speak of the Courts with their children.
  • It was the Helgrams – in collusion with Bleys and Fiona – who held Oberon captive in the early days of the Patternfall War.
  • With the passing of Oberon and accession of King Random, relations with Amber have improved, given that Bleys was briefly Grand Duke before stepping down to concentrate on advising King Random.
  • Helgrams are known for their studies of the arcane arts.
  • Many Helgrams have spent time within the Thelbane Civil Service, as well as the House bureaucracy.
  • They are also experts in Thelbane jurisprudence.