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An Partial Timeline of the Courts of Chaos and Amber

Thelbane dates are designated as ALC – after the drawing of the Logrus by Great Cornelius. Amber dates are AP – after the drawing of the Pattern. The Courts of Chaos run roughly three times the speed of Amber.

ALC The Courts of Chaos
(current date: 15,031 ALC)
AP The Kingdom of Amber
(current date: early-4,511 AP)
Late-July 15,032 The rumour mill abounds, with crazy stories about Sky Pirates attacking caravans and giant dragons eating villages.
Mid-July 15,032 In a busy week for the Zócalo, attempts to destroy one of the visiting Trading Caravans have been thwarted, while a dangerous recreational drug, named Clarity, has been traced to its source and production discontinued.

An advisory remains in place to all Zócalo residents and visitors to avoid the drugs Dream, Focus and Clarity, and destruction of all supplies is recommended.

Late-February 15,032 Helgram investigators dispatched to deal with a matter of claims jumping for the valuable metal, Cirillium, on the world of Draseth.
Mid-December 15,031 A small group of Helgram family members reach the Faraday region, on the border of the Black Zone and Open Shadow.
Early-October 15,031 The Black Zone world of Syndoche is seriously damaged and moved out of position on the Serpent Lines. New routes are established around it.
15,030 Niclas Yannick, son of Caine of Amber, attempts to destroy House Helgram, but is thwarted; it is not known whether his father was aware of his actions, but the incident did cause the first crisis between the two Realms since the Peace was concluded early-4,510 King Random forces Prince Caine to issue an apology to House Helgram for his son’s actions
14,995 Ian Cushing-Helgram installed as Grand Duke of Helgram 4,498 Bleys abdicates as Grand Duke of Helgram to return to Amber
14,988 Jowan and Thorn Daveth-Helgram locate a suitable world for House Helgram to establish its Black Zone base, and the Zócalo is founded.
14,987 Grand Duke Bleys launches the New Helgram Trading Road initiative, and sends out agents to locate a suitable potential trading base for the House in the Black Zone.
14,986 The old c.3/1 time differential between Chaos and Amber is restored 4,496 The old c.3/1 time differential between Chaos and Amber is restored
14,985 The Amber occupation force departs the Courts. 4,495 Random formally Crowned King in the Amber Throne Room
14,984 Bleys installed as Grand Duke of Helgram
14,982- 14,985 In the years following the Final Battle, members of the Amber Family remain in the Courts until a Peace Treaty is agreed between Swayvill and Random.
14,982 The Final Battle of the War between the Powers, at the gates of Chaos; the body of Oberon Dworkin-Barimen is returned to the Abyss 4,471 Random appointed King of Amber by the Unicorn
14,980 Due to Shadow instability, the longstanding c.3/1 time ratio between the Court and Amber is knocked out of kilter 4,470 Oberon dies redrawing the Pattern
14,979 Grand Duke Graham Helgram Junior killed 4,469
14,977 4,469 Gwillym, son of Random and Vialle born in Amber
14,973 4,468 The Amber Family leaves for the Courts. Gérard appointed Regent by Oberon
14,971 4,467 Oberon returns to Amber
14,968 Chaos forces reach Amber, and are only beaten back by the arrival of Corwin’s riflemen. 4,466 Eric dies at the foot of Kolvir; Corwin made Regent
14,966 The Black Road reaches Amber 4,465 The Black Road reaches Amber
14,954 4,461 Corwin escapes from the Amber dungeons
14,945 4,458 Caine and Julian persuade Eric that Oberon isn’t returning; Eric Crowned King of Amber; Corwin blinded and imprisoned
14,908 4,445 Caine and Julian persuade Eric to take the position of Lord Protector and Regent of Amber; Benedict gives his tacit approval by not objecting
14,902 The Black Road extends to the Golden Circle, where its progress slows 4,443 Eric, Julian and Caine become concerned about Oberon’s whereabouts, especially given the increase of attacks out of Shadow and the appearance of the Black Road, and form a loose cabal to protect Amber
14,879 The Black Road reaches Amber Shadow, and Chaos starts sending raiding parties 4,435 Bleys and Fiona imprison Brand
14,864 The Black Road starts to grow through Chaos Shadow 4,430 Brand stabs Martin on the Pattern, opening the way for the Black Road
14,850 4,425 Oberon disappears from Amber
14,777 King Swayvill meets with representatives of the Major Houses, to discuss what might be done about Oberon, and his hostile ambitions in Chaos Shadow 4,400 Bleys, Fiona and Brand ally with their Chaos relatives to bring about change in Amber
14,241 The first battles between Chaos and its allies, and the forces of Amber, in the Chaos Shadows 4,215
14,227 The most recent Rebellion by House Ceel, which may have been a precursor of softening up action before the War Between the Powers
14,197 Swayvanna born to Swayvill and Mathilda 4,200 Oberon sends forces beyond the Dancing Mountains, with the intention of making inroads into Chaos Shadow
14,072 Swayvill marries Matilda 4,157 Queen Moins of Rebma dies and her daughter Moire becomes Queen
13,930 4,108 Paulette dies, allegedly by suicide
13,701 Isaura Amblerash stands down as Prelate of the Church, and appoints her son Bances as her successor 4,029
13,547 3,976 Random and Mirelle born
13,452 3,943 Oberon marries Paulette of House Celestine
12,764 Fourth and Most Successful Rebellion by House Ceel, in which it managed to reach the Logrus Chamber
12,518 3,621 Oberon and Dybele divorce amicably
11,932 3,419 Florimel born
11,860 Swayvill’s beloved wife Alberta dies, and is returned to the Abyss 3,394
11,848 Elland Sawall dies. Gramble succeeds him as Grand Duke of Sawall. 3,390 Oberon marries Dybele of House Balthazar
11,245 Third Rebellion by House Ceel
10,604 Roshan Amblerash dies in the Abyss, and his daughter Isaura becomes the new High Prelate 2,961
9,180 Rufus Amblerash stands down as High Prelate of the Church, appointing his uncle Roshan (Ambrose’s younger brother) as his successor 2,470 Between Deela’s death and Oberon’s marriage to Dybele, he had a number of mistresses from out of Shadow, but never married any of them, including Harla, mother of Delwin and Sand; it is not known if Oberon has other children in Shadow
9,128 Second Rebellion by House Ceel
8,841 Grand Duchess Maíread Barimen dies
8,542 Suhuy’s wife Iosephine dies and is returned to the Abyss
7,359 Mandor Sawall born to Gramble and Lida
7,245 Gramble Sawall marries Lady Lida of Chaos
6,976 Grand Duke Graham Helgram Senior dies, to be succeeded by Graham Junior
6,735 Cybill Amblerash dies, and her younger brother Rufus becomes High Prelate of the Church of the Serpent 1,627
5,564 1,223 Deela dies in captivity
5,546 1,217 Rilga killed by Deela the Desecretrix. Oberon captures Deela.
5,497 Ambrose Amblerash dies, and his daughter Cybill becomes High Prelate of the Church of the Serpent 1,200 Rilga, by now feeling her age as she wasn’t Cornelian, retires to a Unicorn nunnery
5,364 1,154 Gerard born
5,311 Suhuy marries his second wife, the Lady of Chaos Iosephine 1,136 Julian born
5,265 1,120 Oberon finally marries Rilga. Caine legitimised
5,207 1,100 Oberon and Clarissa divorce after Oberon restarts his affair with Rilga
5,172 Gramble Sawall born to Elland and Alkmene 1,088 Brand born
5,172 Elland Sawall marries Lady Alkmene Caradoc 1,088 Brand born
5,135 1,075 Oberon and Clarissa reconcile
5,123 1,071 Oberon and Moins end their affair. Llewella stays in Rebma.
5,068 1,052 Llewella born to Moins
5,065 Sawall of House Sawall killed in an accident involving Primal Chaos. Elland becomes Grand Duke of Sawall. 1,051 Clarissa finds out and she and Oberon separate
5,056 1,048 Oberon begins an affair with Queen Moins of Rebma
4,937 1,007 Bleys born
4,865 982 Fiona born
4,833 971 Oberon marries Clarissa of House Helgram
4,630 901 Caine born
4,627 900 Oberon has a brief affair with 21-yo Rilga, daughter of Marcellus, High Priest of the Unicorn
4,215 House Ceel defeated, the House broken and their homeworld destroyed and Sealed by King Swayvill. 633 Moins of Remba gives birth to Moire, father unrecorded
4,192 The First Rebellion of House Ceel
3,853 Theodore, High Priest of the Serpent, dies and is returned to the Abyss. Before his death, he appointed Ambrose Amblerash as his successor, thus establishing the link between the House and the Church of the Serpent. Ambrose takes his line out of the Thelbane succession and established his own House succession rules. 633 Moins of Remba gives birth to Moire, father unrecorded
3,506 Clarissa born to Graham Helgram Junior and Joan of Hendrake
3,339 Ambrose marries and estabilishes House Amblerash 456 Deirdre born, Faiella dies in childbirth
3,290 439 Corwin born
3,223 416 Oberon marries Faiella
3,221 415 Oberon and Cymnea divorce and their children are declared illegitimate ab initio
3,212 412 Eric born out of wedlock
3,210 Graham Helgram Junior marries Joan of Hendrake
3,206 410 Oberon meets Faiella of Karm
3,049 356 Benedict born
2,965 327 Finndo born
2,870 294 Osric born
2,742 250 Oberon of Amber marries Cymnea of House Caradoc
2,443 Henrietta marries the Greater Demon Boreallis, on the understanding that the female line maintain precedence in House Hendrake 147 Jopin of Cabra, son of Dworkin, born
2,393 Elland Sawall born to Sawall and Rozalija
2,325 Graham Helgram Junior born to Grand Duke Graham and Grand Duchess Maíread
2,307 100 Oberon Crowned King of Amber by his father, Dworkin
2,235 Henrietta establishes House Hendrake without waiting to marry, claiming Blood precedent 75
2,229 Sawall marries Lady Rozalija of Chaos, and establishes House Sawall 73
2,203 Ambrose, founder of House Amblerash, born to Swayvill and Alberta 64
2,133 House Helgram becomes a Major House 40
2,124 Mairead marries the Greater Demon Graham Helgram 37
2,090 Sawall, founder of House Sawall, born to Swayvill and Alberta 25
2,022 Year 2 Oberon of Amber born to Dworkin and “the Unicorn”
2,020 Year 1 The world of Rebma comes into being with Moins as its Queen
2,017 Dworkin, son of Suhuy, rebels and steals the Eye of the Serpent. His uncle Severin is sent after him with a force of Chaos soldiers, but never returns. Year 0 Dworkin builds the Pattern of Amber
Dates prior to the drawing of the Pattern are approximate
1,930 Thomas marries and House Chanicut is established
1,690 The twins Thomas, founder of House Chanicut, and Henrietta, founder of House Hendrake, born to Swayvill and Alberta
1,475 Lucas marries and House Jesby is established
1,435 Mairead born to Swayvill and Alberta
1,400 Suhuy’s first wife, Koro, dies and is returned to the Abyss
1,375 Lucas, founder of House Jesby, born to Swayvill and Alberta
1,300 Swayvill marries Lady Alberta of Chaos
1,000 Cornelius gives himself to the Logrus to strengthen the Courts. Swayvill becomes King of Thelbane, Suhuy becomes Keeper of the Logrus, and their younger brother Theodore becomes the first High Priest of the Serpent
900 Queen Titania dies of old age and is returned to the Abyss; thereafter, while Cornelius does have occasional liaisons, he never remarries
750 Marilla born to Cornelius and Titania
470 Tempe born to Suhuy and Koro
440 Dworkin born to Suhuy and Koro
400 Suhuy marries his first wife, Lady Koro of Chaos
300 The twins Severin and Theodore born to Cornelius and Titania
150 Kyessa born to Cornelius and Titania
100 Cornelius marries Lady Titania of Chaos
Year 1 Cornelius crowns himself King of Thelbane
Year 0 Great Cornelius comes from the Abyss with his sons Swayvill and Suhuy and draws the Logrus on the Rock called Thelbane, thereby beginning the formation of the Courts of Chaos and non-Cornelian life