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Alpin Sawall-Helgram

Alpin (30) is tall and slim, pale-skinned and dark eyed. He usually wears white clothes and a white wig. He usually looks quite stylish. HIs mother is Ophelia Matilda Helgram, and his father is Mandor Sawall. He has a twin brother, Lon, who stayed in House Sawall, when Alpin was brought to House Helgram. Unfortunately, both Ophelia and Lon have since died. He has a small Pocket Ways, which was formerly attached to the Academy, but is now reached from the Zócalo.

He holds a full doctorate in Investigative Magic, with a speciality in Forensics, and he has partials in Communication and Battle Magic. He is engaged in research to combine these disciplines with his Empathic ability.

Alpin is often found reading, and he seems to be interested in several artforms. Since graduation, he has been working as an assistant to Jowan Daveth-Helgram in the Zócalo.

Played by: Marieke K

Maximilan Stephenson-Helgram

Max (34) is the son of Llewellyn Stephenson-Helgram, and is something of a combat specialist. He also has a flair for security and security matters, and since graduation has joined the House’s elite special forces unit.

It is known that Max was almost expelled from the academy a number of years ago for a prank that went wrong but the details have never come to light but since that time Max has been a model student. It is suspected that Kalle Hendrake, had a major role in keeping Max at the academy, as something of a mentor to him.

Max is known to be a reasonable shapeshifter. His weapon of choice is the scimitar, both singly and used as a pair. He is not known to be magically talented.

He certainly has artistic leanings, and often helped in theatrical productions at the Academy. He is decent at portraiture,  although he has no expertise in Trump.

One passion is that he known to have is that he is an avid follower of the TCFL and is of course a fan of the Flames. He has two younger sisters.

Played by Jason P

Hester Stephenson-Helgram

Hester (31) is the daughter of Llewellyn Stephenson-Helgram, the House Master at Arms.

Hester’s strengths reveal her heritage, namely as her father’s daughter. Rather than in the arcane, her skills lie in combat, in particular with the bow. The reason she favours this weapon is her enjoyment of the hunt out in Shadow, a place she has been exploring since a child. It was out in Shadow where, much to her surprise, she discovered her shapeshifting prowess. She used her time at the Academy to develop this latter ability.

On a normal day Hester stands around 5’10” with a slim build and a sinuous grace. Her skin is fair and her red hair invariably braided. Hester’s clothing tends to be practical leathers designed for the outdoors. And she’s usually not that far from her bow and her two short swords. All of this doesn’t make Hester your usual Helgram as she leans more towards the physical activities rather than magic or such pursuits as diplomacy.

Played by: Alastair J

Michael Stephenson-Helgram

Michael (29) is Hester’s younger sibling, by a couple of years, and also shows the martial prowess in both weapons and leadership that would be expected from a child of Llewellyn, as well as being handy at getting around Helgramways. Dowager Duchess Joan has agreed to act as Michael’s mentor in matters military.

Michael is also very into Science!, and has a collection of weapons.

Played by: Tim H

Herrin Helgram

Herrin (36) is the son of Duchess Athena and, as she has told him, the man of her dreams. He graduated from the Academy about fiveyears ago.

Herrin’s life has been shaped by not quite living up to the academic standards of his mother, and making social mistakes, breaking the decorum of family events, and mending fences afterwards. He is good natured, but has a somewhat frivolous attitude to life, and enjoys pranks and practical jokes.

While not yet showing any true magical aptitude, Herrin has a pair of odd Sensitivities related to always knowing where he is, and always remembering where he’s been. Since graduation he has worked with both the diplomatic and military sides of the House, both of which find his geographical talents useful, but is still trying to decide which direction to go.

Though his relationship with his mother is tense, she has been a support, and guide for his life. He has also maintained cordial relations with his aunts, Rosemary and Florence, and Duchess Eleanor.

Played by Drew W.

Dracon Stephenson-Helgram

Dracon (36) is the son of Erick Stephenson-Helgram and Abigail Daveth-Helgram, and has an exceedingly strong mind for his age. He was a socially awkward weakling as a child and that hasn’t improved in adulthood, despite the efforts of the staff at the Academy to try to improve his confidence and ability to interract with other people. After a couple of inappropriately violent incidents with bullies as a child, he now prefers the the path of mediation, and helping and supporting people. This can be challenging, however, as it takes time for people to see past their first impressions of him.

He is a high-level transport/telekinesis specialist with secondary abilities in investigative and defensive magics. He has a demon friend named Samael.

Played by George K.

Kallistan Johnson-Helgram

Kallistan (34), son of Duke John (the elder) is an illusion specialist, and has most recently been studying with Duke Artur, son of Archduke Ian, having continued working with him since his graduation.

During his time at the Academy, he was one of the oldest students, due to the fact that his birthday falls on the first day of the academic year. He came to the Academy as a young loner who sat at the back of his classes and scribbled away in his notebook.

However in his second year at the Academy, Fidelma Johns-Helgram convinced him to put on a show of one of his Ghost Stories at Samhain made animate by illusions of shadows playing out on the terrace of the Gardens. It was a success, and even since he’s graduated he has put on an annual show at the Academy at Samhain. The Lower House tends not to sleep well for a few days afterwards but keep coming back each year.

Played by Mel.

Leo Johns-Helgram

Leo (31), is the son of Breda Johns-Helgram, and has taken after his mother in terms of being a bright young artist. He works at the Zócalo as one of the resident Trump artists, and also assists Inspector Aileen Helgram as an investigator.

On occasion, Leo has also demonstrated that he’s pretty handy in the engineering field, especially tinkering with mechanical devices.

Played by J.P. B.

Udacha Richardson-Helgram

Kallistan (30), son of Duke Richard and his current wife, Annika Hendrake-Helgram, is a combat specialist who recently graduated from the Academy, where he was one of Kalle Hendrake’s protégés. He joined the Zócalo police about six weeks ago. He still seems to be finding his feet around the place, although he seems to be naturally quite intuitive.

Played by Erik F.

Jenna Alyria Mairi Delacroix Helgram

Jenna (34) is the younger sister of Uilliam, the Academy Wayskeeper and took classes in the Conjuration, command, music, science, anatomy & physiology, technology and mental disciplines tracks at the Academy. She is was the quietest and shyest student in Command class, rarely venturing a word or opinion, despite never missing a class; but was one of the most curious and demanding students in technology classes, especially in acoustics.

Jenna had a somewhat notorious reputation as a child for appearing in places that she was never intended to be or for going missing requiring an exhaustive search by her father and brother. It seems she has a knack for finding weak spots in Ways that was originally evidenced as she fell through them without warning. While at the Academy, she studied with her brother on Ways topics for this reason and sometimes acted as an unofficial helper in charting problem areas intentionally. Since graduation, she has been working with Daveth Helgram and the House Ways team.

It has recently come to light that Jenna has completed a new sort of musical/sensory experience instrument and is beginning to compose music and sensations for it. She also is known for her love of animals and a tendency to keep birds as pets, more than once coming to classes with a tiny grey pygmy owl nested against her neck asleep. She is also an avid rider, and is seen out and about on an especially fine red and zebra striped mount called Ronin.

Played by Stephanie I.

Freyja Helgram

Freyja was one of the stars of the Academy Sparks Chaos Rules Football team. Her presence in the SCR was largely related to this, although she is also something of an unarmed combat specialist with decent shapeshifting abilities. She hates to be cooped up indoors. After graduation, she played for a while for the Helgram Flames professional CRF team, but has recently retired from the game and is the Deputy Head Coach of the Zócalo Blaze team.

Academically, she has no feel for magic – which makes her somewhat unusual for a Helgram – but she is very interested in genealogy, perhaps because of her father, Dhugal.

She has a pet cat, around the size of a leopard.

Hilda Daveth-Helgram

Hilda is the daughter of Thorn Daveth-Helgram and Cecily Hendrake, and has always kept close ties with the Academy. She is known for having concentrated on investigative magic, with a particular interest in how various powers interact with each other. She will often be engaged to follow up on reports that are too trivial to be part of the larger political picture, but had some odd or unexplained aspect to them. She works both within and outside the Zócalo . So also works with the Zócalo police on occasion.

She loves music, anything with a hard beat, and can easily be convinced to scarper off for the odd concert or two.

Holly Eleanor Helgram

Holly is a shapeshifter of more than even basic skill. She enjoys plants and gardening, and is something of an expert in the uses and abuses of plants, and is also a lover of animals. She works with the Zócalo Chamber of Commerce, and recently has been liaising with the company developing the El Mar de Orellana water sports resort.

In additition, she and her twin sister Lily – one of the Zócalo vets – own a cat café within the Zócalo itself.

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Other recent graduates of the Academy

Belun Fand Helgram

Belun (30), grandson of Duchess Rosemary, was a member of the Academy wrestling team. While he wasn’t the most intellectual member of the SRC, he’s big, strong, and really good at shapeshifting. So good, in fact, that he is receiving personal tuition from Jennifer Harrison-Helgram. What he isn’t, is particularly subtle or stealthy, and he’s definitely not the kind of person who gets overlooked when he enters a room.

He is very good with the younger students, and is well-known to them: he helps with their training in hand-to-hand combat, and is also involved in teaching them the basics of shapeshifting. After graduation, he was invited to stay on at the Academy as a member of the Faculty.

He is very close to his big sister, Morgana Helgram and her children.

Played by: Ben McC

Grrlson Helgram

Grrlson (30) is the son of Bernardo Helgram (son of Duchess Marguerita) and his wife Elowen Daveth-Helgram. He is a shapeshifter, who also has a flair for healing others. He also shows an interest in chemistry and biology. Since graduation, he has been working with his mother at the Helgram Institute for Magic and Science.

Jowan Daveth-Helgram is his maternal half brother, and he has an older full sister called Morwenna.

Played by: Andy R

Morwenna Daveth-Helgram

Morwenna (32) is a talented shapeshifter and has a keen interest in pharmacology, as might be expected from the daughter of Elowen, House Helgram’s poisons expert. As well as the expected slant towards the biological and medical sciences, her curriculum at the Academy included subjects related to inter-Shadow travel and trade. She was a dedicated student in the pursuit of knowledge, but also knows how to let her hair down. Since graduation she, like her younger brother Grrlson, has been working at the Helgram Institute for Magic and Science.

When not working , conducting experiments, or socialising, Morwenna engages in hobbies such as sculpture (mostly using natural or even living materials) and acapella singing. She was a member of the Academy all-shapeshifters acapella group, The Living Harmonies, who pushed the envelope of unaccompanied musical stylings. She also enjoys activities that involve climbing and jumping off things, such as parkour, rock-climbing, abseiling and base-jumping.

Preston Stephenson-Helgram

Preston (34), son of Llewellyn’s younger brother Jerome, is a gifted swordsman and marksman.

He is somewhat irreverent and tries to avoid being too serious, which does cause some friction with those who would rather keep everything professional. While at the Academy, he was also known to impersonate others, assuming their looks and exaggerating features for comic effect.

He is known to be a competent cook and he his band, Strangeways, which was founded at the Academy, now perform regularly both around the House and in Thelbane in general.

Connaught Helgram

Connaught (31) is a bright & cheery young man with an amiable disposition and an insatiable curiosity for the “Why” of things. He is a former “Head Boy” of the Academy.

Always in search of Order in the midst of Chaos, a trait inherited from his Mother, Rosemary, as a child he would debate Theology with Duke Edward, Bishop of Helgramways. Inspired by his faith, he has always been inclined to resolve any conflict as peacefully as possible, preferring restraint over violence wherever possible.

His Mother nurtured his artistic talents from an early age, hoping he would develop into a Trump Artist, as indeed he has, alongside a burgeoning talent at investigative sorcery and Chaos law.

Always generous with his time, he delights in helping those individuals who seek his aid. For example, he is happy to draw Trumps for those with a valid need for them.

The proudest moment of his time in the Lower House came when he won the ‘All-Chaos (Junior) Theological Debate’, albeit with a topic that was sourly received by many outside ‘The Church’.

He is one of the referees in Academy CRF matches.

Alditha (Aldis) Hendrake

One of the few non-Helgram students during her time at the Academy, Alditha is notable by her complete lack of martial ability. When she was younger, she was somewhat infamous for her ability to get almost anywhere within the Academy, generally without getting caught. As she got older, she calmed down a lot, spending much of her time alternating between working on theoretical spell design, and holding classes for anyone who wants to improve their sorcery, from basic to advanced. Following graduation, she is now working under Daveth Helgram, as Master of the Arcane.

If she does still manage to find her way into places she shouldn’t, she’s got a lot better about not being caught.

Cadan Daveth-Helgram

Son of Jowan Daveth-Helgram, Cadan (35) has a focus on sorcery, especially combat magic. He also has an appreciation of animals large and small, respecting their instincts and natures.

While at the Academy, Cadan never went as far as as to smuggle in animals into the dorm, but one of his extracurricular activities was helping out Alexandra Helgram in animal care. Lately, he’s been rather interested in the care of an abandoned barghest pup.

Lucretia Daveth-Helgram

Caden’s twin sister, Lucretia (35) is one of the best students with a blade that the Academy has seen in a long time. Sufficiently so, that Dowager Duchess Joan agreed to Mentor her.

Lorcan Harrison-Helgram

Son of Duke Arran, Lorcan (36) is something of an expert in command, as well as sorcery with farseeing and communications specialities

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