Older PCs

Belun Fand Helgram

Belun (30), grandson of Duchess Rosemary, was a member of the Academy wrestling team. While he wasn’t the most intellectual member of the SRC, he’s big, strong, and really good at shapeshifting. So good, in fact, that he is receiving personal tuition from Jennifer Harrison-Helgram. What he isn’t, is particularly subtle or stealthy, and he’s definitely not the kind of person who gets overlooked when he enters a room.

He is very good with the younger students, and is well-known to them: he helps with their training in hand-to-hand combat, and is also involved in teaching them the basics of shapeshifting. After graduation, he was invited to stay on at the Academy as a member of the Faculty.

He is very close to his big sister, Morgana Helgram and her children.

Played by: Ben McC

Grrlson Helgram

Grrlson (30) is the son of Bernardo Helgram (son of Duchess Marguerita) and his wife Elowen Daveth-Helgram. He is a shapeshifter, who also has a flair for healing others. He also shows an interest in chemistry and biology. Since graduation, he has been working with his mother at the Helgram Institute for Magic and Science.

Jowan Daveth-Helgram is his maternal half brother, and he has an older full sister called Morwenna.

Played by: Andy R

Morwenna Daveth-Helgram

Morwenna (32) is a talented shapeshifter and has a keen interest in pharmacology, as might be expected from the daughter of Elowen, House Helgram’s poisons expert. As well as the expected slant towards the biological and medical sciences, her curriculum at the Academy included subjects related to inter-Shadow travel and trade. She was a dedicated student in the pursuit of knowledge, but also knows how to let her hair down. Since graduation she, like her younger brother Grrlson, has been working at the Helgram Institute for Magic and Science.

When not working , conducting experiments, or socialising, Morwenna engages in hobbies such as sculpture (mostly using natural or even living materials) and acapella singing. She was a member of the Academy all-shapeshifters acapella group, The Living Harmonies, who pushed the envelope of unaccompanied musical stylings. She also enjoys activities that involve climbing and jumping off things, such as parkour, rock-climbing, abseiling and base-jumping.

Preston Stephenson-Helgram

Preston (34), son of Llewellyn’s younger brother Jerome, is a gifted swordsman and marksman.

He is somewhat irreverent and tries to avoid being too serious, which does cause some friction with those who would rather keep everything professional. While at the Academy, he was also known to impersonate others, assuming their looks and exaggerating features for comic effect.

He is known to be a competent cook and he his band, Strangeways, which was founded at the Academy, now perform regularly both around the House and in Thelbane in general.

Alditha (Aldis) Hendrake

One of the few non-Helgram students during her time at the Academy, Alditha is notable by her complete lack of martial ability. When she was younger, she was somewhat infamous for her ability to get almost anywhere within the Academy, generally without getting caught. As she got older, she calmed down a lot, spending much of her time alternating between working on theoretical spell design, and holding classes for anyone who wants to improve their sorcery, from basic to advanced. Following graduation, she is now working under Daveth Helgram, as Master of the Arcane.

If she does still manage to find her way into places she shouldn’t, she’s got a lot better about not being caught.

Cadan Daveth-Helgram

Son of Jowan Daveth-Helgram, Cadan (35) has a focus on sorcery, especially combat magic. He also has an appreciation of animals large and small, respecting their instincts and natures.

While at the Academy, Cadan never went as far as as to smuggle in animals into the dorm, but one of his extracurricular activities was helping out Alexandra Helgram in animal care. Lately, he’s been rather interested in the care of an abandoned barghest pup.

Lucretia Daveth-Helgram

Caden’s twin sister, Lucretia (35) is one of the best students with a blade that the Academy has seen in a long time. Sufficiently so, that Dowager Duchess Joan agreed to Mentor her.

Lorcan Harrison-Helgram

Son of Duke Arran, Lorcan (36) is something of an expert in command, as well as sorcery with farseeing and communications specialities

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