Known Descendents of King Oberon

Prince Benedict

With Cymnea of House Caradoc: declared illegitimate after Oberon divorced Cymnea.

  • Osric (deceased)
  • Finndo (deceased)
  • Benedict
    • Edward (with Swayvanna, daughter of Swayvill)
    • Gilva (with Lintra Hendrake)
      • Katrine
        • Dara (with William Helgram)
    • Noah (with Lintra Hendrake)

With Faiella of House Karm

  • Eric (born out of wedlock, before Oberon’s divorce from Cymnea was finalised, and never formally legitimised)
    • Talon (son, mother unknown)
  • Corwin
    • Corenna (daughter with Moire of Rebma)
    • Merlin (son with Dara Hendrake-Helgram)
  • Deirdre (deceased)
    • Malachy (twin) (son, father unrecorded)
    • Taryn (twin) (daughter, father unrecorded)

Prince Caine

With Rilga of Amber (affair after Faiella’s death)

  • Caine (legitimised when Oberon later married Rilga)
    • Niclas Yannick (son with Lindsay Helgram) (deceased)
    • Estieñne (daughter, mother unknown)

With Clarissa of House Helgram (see also the Helgram Family Tree)

  • Fiona
    • Heidi
  • Bleys
    • Six sons (all deceased, mothers unknown)
    • Ian, Grand Duke of Helgram (twin) (with Swayvanna, daughter of Swayvill)
      • Duke Wolfram
        • Duke Armand
      • Duke Artur, Lord Mayor of Amber City
    • John (twin) (with Swayvanna, daughter of Swayvill)
      • Wendell
  • Princess Llewella

    Brand (deceased)

    • Liam (with Anne Helgram)
    • Dieter (with Anne Helgram)
      • Greta
      • Marina (Grand Duchess of Helgram)
    • Rinaldo (with Queen Jasra)

With Moins of Rebma (affair between the births of Bleys and Brand)

  • Llewella (never legitimised)

With Rilga of Amber (later marriage)

Princess Florimel

Prince Julian

  • Julian
    • Markus Attwood
  • Gerard

With Dybele of House Balthazar

  • Florimel

With Paulette of House Celestine

  • Random
    • Martin (with Morganthe of Rebma)
    • Gwillym (with Queen Vialle)
  • Mirelle

Other rumoured children:

  • Delwin and Sand, by a Shadow woman named Harla
  • Dalt, with Deela the Desecretrix

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