House Sawall

Thumbnail Sketch of House Sawall

  • Founded by Sawall, third son of Swayvill and Alberta
  • Now ruled jointly by Grand Duke Gramble, and his wife Dara Hendrake-Helgram.
  • The heir to the House, Maquis Mandor, is the son of Gramble by his first wife, Jacqueline, and is an advisor to the Dragon Throne.
  • Gramble and Dara have two sons: Despil and Jurt.
  • Dara’s son Merlin has been accepted into the House by his step-father.
  • Sawalls are largely magicians and politicians.
  • The House is willing to deal with elements of Amber, but are not fans of Prince Benedict.

Duke Gramble

Duchess Dara

Marquis Mandor

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