House Jesby

Thumbnail Sketch of House Jesby

  • Founded by Lucas, eldest son of Swayvill and Alberta
  • Currently led by Grand Duke Tmer. The current Heir is Duke Tempest, Tmer’s eldest child.
  • Duke Tmer

    Unusually for a Major House, Jesby has no precedence for sons over daughters, following a straight birth-based succession within the House. In the Greater Courts, however, the women are behind the men.

  • It has a (possible warranted) reputation for poisoning its enemies (and each other).
  • As well as being as well as being ritual magicians of some skills, Jesbys are also often experts at shapeshifting.
  • It also has business and trading interests.
  • It was one of the last Houses to end hostilities with Amber, but now the peace is established, it is willing to pursue commercial opportunities with King Random’s realm.

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