House Hendrake

Thumbnail Sketch of House Hendrake

  • Founded by Swayvill’s and Alberta’s elder daughter Henrietta.
  • The current Head of House is Belissa Minobee, the only female Grand Duchess in her own right.
    • She has four children: Lintra, Gunnar, Borel (deceased) and Emelie
  • Hendrake succession follows the female line, unlike the majority of other Chaos Houses, which have patrilineal succession.
  • Duchess Belissa

    The Heir to the House is Duchess Lintra, Belissa’s elder daughter. She has an “on again, off again” relationship with Benedict of Amber.

  • Belissa’s daughter Emelie was married to Duke Daveth Helgram.
    • Daveth and Emelie had two daughters, Elowen and Eithne.
  • Hendrake’s most famous specialist troops are the Hellmaids, led by Belissa’s granddaughter Gilva (daughter of Lintra and Benedict).
    • Gilva has a daughter named Katrine, who was married to Duke William Helgram and is the mother of Dara Hendrake-Helgram.
  • The House is best known for its martial capabilities, and comprises a formidable military force.
  • Hendrake and Helgram are very close allies, in part because they both descend from daughters of Swayvill, rather than sons, and intermarriages and liaisons between the two Houses are common.
  • Hendrake has a more neutral attitude towards Amber than Helgram, but is distinctly positive towards Benedict.

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