House Amblerash

Thumbnail Sketch of House Amblerash

  • Founded by Swayvill’s and Alberta’s youngest son, Ambrose, second High Prelate of the Serpent (after his uncle Theodore).
  • From early on, Ambrose bucked the usual view towards succession in the Courts, and decreed that the Amblerash succession would passed through his heirs solely by age, regardless of sex.
  • Bances Amblerash

    It is currently ruled by Bances, the High Prelate of the Serpent.

  • Amblerash is closely entwined with the Church of the Serpent.
  • In straight precedence, Amblerash should come above Helgram and Hendrake. However, Ambrose, in agreement with his father Swayvill, seperated the Church from the Throne, so his line is not in the Thelbane succession.
  • As well as priests, the House are are known as magicians and ritualists, as well as politicians and civil servants It is also heavily involved in Thelbane jurisprudence, and many lawyers and judges have come from the House ranks.
  • Amblerash is no friend to Amber, as the Serpent is in conflict with the Unicorn.

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