Optional Character Quiz

I know that Character Quizzes aren’t everybody’s thing. On the other hand, I’d like everyone to have their part to play, and that’s easier to achieve if I know something about the characters as I’m working on the game. Your replies can be as short or long as you wish, but as you look at them, be assured that answering the quiz won’t be time wasted.

And if quizzes REALLY aren’t your thing, then it would be good to get at least a paragraph or so about your character. This should include whatever particular talent it is that has meant they stayed on at the Academy, before being posted to the Zócalo. This may be magic of some sort, a desire to study shape shifting or Trump, or a unique and innate ability that they’re working to develop.

Quiz Questions

1. Name

2. Age (this should be between 30 and 40, except with agreement from the GM)

3. Do you have any preference for which of the late Grand Duke Graham Junior’s siblings or children you would like to be descended from? Thumbnail sketches of the children of Graham Senior and Maíraed’s children can be found here; and Graham Junior’s daughters can be found here.

4. Do you have a particular mentor or friend within the House? You can choose from anyone currently described within the House or if you want to define your own, then write up a little bit about them (although the GM reserves the right of veto).

5. Up until now, what has been the defining moment in your life? The death of a loved one? A serious accident? A close shave? A childhood adventure? Your first spell? The day you first shape shifted? Tell me a little about it.

6. At some point between the ages of 24 and 27, you were invited to stay on at the Academy to join the SCR and undertake further studies. What was your particular speciality that caught the eye of the Academy Council, leading to your invitation. Was it a power, innate ability or skill, and if so what? Or was there some other reason?

7. You are now serving your posting with for the House, based in the Zócalo, to start gaining real-world experience. What are you doing for Representative Jowan? (e.g. working in administration, legal, directly for the Representative, the Zócalo military, trade and commerce, r the Carabanserai)

8. Ultimately what are your final ambitions? Do you want to work for the House in admin, legal, medical or some other area within Helgramways? Or perhaps you have ambitions of representing the House in the wider Courts: in trade or diplomacy for example? Maybe you want to travel and see the worlds? Or work for Helgram interests in the Black Zone?

9. What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses to be?

10. What are your hobbies and interests, outside of your day-to-day work for House Helgram within the Zócalo? (Name up to three)

And for the Character Gallery

1. Describe your appearance – or better still, which actor/ess would play you in the movie? Or send me a picture.

2. And if you feel really keen, write a paragraph or two on what the others know about your character, which can then go on the PC Gallery page.

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